Filch It Friday


Ever since my first filch, I’ve wanted to run a filching carnival. How often when reading other people’s blogs have you wished you had come up with that very same idea? How many times have you wondered, “will I get caught if I steal this?” Filch It Friday gives us all permission to beg, borrow, and steal anybody’s post ideas.  

Filch It Friday has lots of bloggy benefits too:  

  • It gives us a way to recognize and give credit to our blog friends. 
  • It creates lots of linky love.
  • It serves as a library of blogging material for Friday posts.
  • It holds the possibility of turning any post into a meme.
  • Each time you filch a post and sign the Mr. Linky, you increase your chances of being filched by others for as long as SNM exists which means more links and traffic to your blog!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Write an original copy-cat version of the filched post. Better yet, just copy and paste another blogger’s brilliant post! 
  2. Give credit to and link to the original author in your post.
  3. Mention Filch It Friday and link to it in your post.
  4. Post on Friday and sign the Mr. Linky at!

Every week visit the blogs that have filched and consider filching from them on the following Friday. Thus, we’ll be creating memes within a carnival!

Feel free to use the Filch It Friday button in your post or your sidebar. Email me at simplynutmeg[at]gmail[dot]com if you need the code.